Dr. Sonia F. Tan Welcome to Dr. Sonia F. Tan Inc.

Established in 2010 as Phoenix Spirit Consulting, we are an education and consulting company on matters of the Spirit, helping to guide people through the ebbs and flows of life, with a basis primarily in Chinese Metaphysics.

Chinese Metaphysics

Chinese Metaphysics historically involved three mains areas: Astrology, Feng Shui and Chinese Medicine. A Chinese Medicine Doctor in traditional times, would have been educated and practised with all three, in order to restore health and promote longevity. In the last century, the area of TCM was split, and has been practised separately to this day. We are a company that incorporates all of the roots of Chinese medicine – that is healing and guiding with the sum of all the parts – our constitutional energy and life path (Astrology), our environment (Feng Shui), and our choices (human decisions, influences and medicine).

Helping to Enlighten and Align

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